Why an Omnichannel Strategy is Critical in a Post-COVID World

How 2020 has impacted consumer behavior

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought extraordinary changes to the ways we live — and shop — forcing businesses to think more seriously about investing in their omnichannel approach.

Why omnichannel is the new norm

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for every retailer out there to adopt an omnichannel approach in order to survive. Fortunately, all the hard work to achieve this new, seamless way of reaching customers is showing clear benefits, including the following:

  • A consistent customer experience across channels. One of the main benefits of having omnichannel commerce is that you provide your customers with consistent service and support, including even messaging about your brand, no matter what device or platform they are reaching out from. Recent research from Marketing Week has shown that consumers use an average of almost six touch points in their shopping journey — keeping their experience cohesive and consistent across all these points builds their trust in your brand.
  • Integrated analytics and customer data leading to a better understanding of your customer. Using an omnichannel approach gives you more opportunities to collect customer data, giving you a clear picture of what your customers want and need in the way of products as well as customer support. This enables you to personalize their journey, helping to cement their relationship with your brand.
  • Higher revenue. Omnichannel makes it easy for customers to purchase and return items, obtain coupons, and use other means to get them the information that will lead to conversion. A recent Aberdeen study showed that companies with strong omnichannel engagement methods report an average 9.5% year-over-year increase in annual revenue compared to the 3.4% seen by those with less-than-adequate omnichannel.
  • Improved retention. As customer engagement increases with an omnichannel approach, their satisfaction numbers will also rise, as will their retention rates. And because you’re collecting informative data about your customers across channels, you’re able to continue refining your offers, ads, and other content to approach them where they are in their buying journey — this in turn is more likely to lead to brand loyalty. The Aberdeen study mentioned earlier showed that companies that invested in strong omnichannel engagement methods showed an 89% customer retention rate versus just over 30% retention by companies with lower omnichannel commitment.


Omnichannel is the new standard for eCommerce, and it’s more than likely to only continue growing in popularity over time. Customers have come to expect the deep, immersive connection with brands and the easy, quick-as-lightning shopping experience it provides.



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