How to Communicate SCA Updates and Changes in the Customer Journey to Your Online Shoppers

Why customers are frustrated

The frustration for customers having to go through challenge flows at the checkout are due to a variety of factors. The inconvenience and effort that it takes to make a purchase using multiple authentication measures can be enough for many to decide against the purchase all together.

Rely on email communication

With so many changes for the customer checkout process occurring, fears over checkout dropoff rates have risen. An analysis on four European countries in January-February 2021 found that 26% of all 3DS challenges failed authentications. As a rule, merchants want the buying process and customer experience to be as simple as possible.

Assure customers of your security protocols

As with all changes and implementations that affect our normal routines, there has been significant frustration in consumers as authentication strategies become stricter. The pushback that merchants and banks are experiencing is not because customers don’t want more security, but because most of them are unaware of how important authentication measures are and the risks that are involved with shopping online.

Use content marketing to communicate updates

It is not too late for online businesses to get on board with new content marketing techniques to help customers transition into the new authentication process. Increasing the visibility of campaigns by reaching audiences through email, blogs, social media, and other content marketing techniques is the first step in the customer journey with your brand. Deciding on what form of content marketing will work best for your audience and your business is a process of analyzing your customers response to different marketing strategies.

Automate customer service

Consumers are becoming more accustomed to interacting with various forms of AI when conducting business online. Chatbots started out only being used for very specific purposes, but are now capable of handling even complex customer service issues. In fact, 47% of online buyers find that chatbots are an invaluable resource. Have a chatbot available through email, messaging apps, or on your landing page so that customers can get immediate answers to their questions regarding SCA.

  • What is 3D Secure 2.0 and how does it help me?
  • What are the benefits of 3D Secure?
  • Can my transaction be canceled?
  • How do I know my transaction went through?
  • What happens if I have a recurring subscription?
  • How many attempts are permitted before I’m locked out?


With eCommerce rapidly growing as more people spend their money online, the need for updated security measures has become more necessary than ever before. Your customers are having to quickly adapt to their environment as the products and services they rely on move to online. Although there are many new struggles cropping up as PSD2 takes effect, this is a great opportunity for merchants to build trust with their customers and ease the checkout process by efficiently communicating the changes being made.



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