eCommerce in Spain — How to Sell Online on the Spanish Market

A Growing eCommerce Market

Spain has the fourth-largest economy in the Eurozone after Brexit, with its eCommerce B2C sales exceeding $58 billion in 2019.

Mobile Commerce on the Rise

eCommerce growth in Spain is most apparent in the mobile market. In fact, mobile users will define Spain’s digital future as 31.48 million of Spain’s 47 million residents are smartphone owners.

Favorite Online Shopping Categories

The average digital shopper age in the country is 42.7 and the preponderance of middle-aged and mature consumers impacts the types of categories they prefer to purchase.

Selling Online in Spain

As with other markets, shoppers in this region expect a local shopping experience, and convert better when offered such a journey. Spanish customers expect their shopping language to be appropriately targeted, even when checking out, with 87% of locals having their native language, not English, set in their browsers. 2Checkout platform data shows that 16% more users convert in Spain when the checkout is localized for Spanish.

Online Payment Methods in Spain

Credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard are among some of the most popular payment methods on the Spanish market, accounting for almost 50% of transactions in 2019. These are followed by digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal, which account for 26% of the payment split.

Taxes and Regulations in the Spanish Market

As part of the EU, Spain follows the GDPR privacy and security law, and all entities doing business on the Spanish e-market need to follow its requirements. To get started, Spain’s data protection agency has released a tool known as Facilita Emprende that’s highly recommended for online businesses.


Spain is one of Europe’s hottest countries, not just in terms of its year-round sunny weather but also with respect to international eCommerce potential.



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