eCommerce Holidays and Celebrations: 2023 Calendar

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6 min readApr 7, 2023

A new year means a fresh opportunity to unlock your full sales potential. With so many selling opportunities at hand, we believe that a holiday calendar is a must for any eCommerce business that wants to boost its revenue.

If your New Year’s resolution is to reach the best version of yourself, whether you are an eCommerce business owner, a professional or just an enthusiast, we’ve made it easier for you to not get lost in multiple calendars as you work to improve your international marketing strategy.

We’ve gathered some key celebrations that generate the most eCommerce revenue, which will hopefully help you plan for the coming 12 months. By having your sales and marketing strategies planned for each holiday of interest, chances are you’ll make the most out of these opportunities.

With the area of business in the back of your mind, we encourage you to use this calendar to handpick the holidays around which you can most effectively build your upcoming marketing campaigns.

eCommerce — What to Expect in 2023

But first, here are some eCommerce stats and trends you should not be sleeping on in 2023:

So, in both the short and the long term, it’s clear that eCommerce isn’t going anywhere and continues to evolve.

If you are looking to enter new markets or want to stay on top of major shopping holidays around the globe, this calendar will help you achieve your goals. We’ve started the planning process for you.

A few quick tips before you get started:

  1. Pick the holidays you want to target and set goals around them
  2. Always start your campaigns ahead of time
  3. Personalize, personalize, personalize
  4. Spread the joy on all channels (social media, email, advertising, online communities etc.)
  5. Decide which promotions are suitable for which holidays
  6. Shift the focus to the customer support team and make sure is very trained and prepared to deal with difficult customers and stressful situations
  7. Be up to date with the newest applications of AI in eCommerce to help save time and effort
  8. Make sure everything’s working fine with your analytics, so you can monitor your website’s performance, the traffic, purchase flows, and so on
  9. Do not forget to social proof your presence online and strategize your communication plan

What is the holiday calendar for 2023?

To make sure you get your hands on every marketing opportunity, here is the ready-to-use eCommerce calendar to make your 2023 an overnight all year success.

In retail and eCommerce, each day comes with a new celebration, so let yourself get inspired and maximize connections with your international audience.


1. New Year’s Day

2. National Science Fiction Day

15. National Bagel Day

16. Blue Monday

19. Get to Know Your Customer Day

21. National Hugging Day

22. Chinese New Year

31. National Hot Chocolate Day


1. Black History Day (all month)

2. Groundhog Day

4. World Cancer Awareness Day

9. National Pizza Day

12. Superbowl Sunday

13. Galantine’s Day

14. Valentine’s Day

17. Random Act of Kindness Day

20. President’s Day (US)

21. Pancake Day (UK)


2. World Book Day

3. World Wildlife Day

8. International Women’s Day

8. Holi Festival (India)

17. St. Patrick’s Day

18. Global Recycling Day

19. Mother’s Day (UK)

20. International Day of Happiness

22. World Poetry Day


1. Diversity Month

1. April Fool’s Day

7. World Health Day

11. National Pet Day (US)

16. Easter Weekend

22. Earth Day

23. World Book Day

28. National Superhero Day (US)


1. Mental Health Awareness Day (all month)

2. National Fitness Day (US)

4. Star Wars Day

5. Cinco de Mayo

7. World Laughter Day

9. Europe Day

14. Mother’s Day (US, CA, AUS)

29. Memorial Day


1. Pride Day (all month)

5. World Environment Day

11. Global Wellness Day

18. Father’s Day

19. Juneteenth

30. World Social Media Day


1. National Day of Canada

2. Made in the USA

4. US Independence Day

7. World Chocolate Day

17. World Emoji Day

30. International Friendship Day


8. International Cat Day

10. International Lazy Day

19. World Photography Day

19. World Humanitarian Day

21. World Senior Citizens Day

26. International Dog Day


1. Self-Improvement Month

4. Labor Day

13. Positive Thinking Day

15. National Hispanic Heritage Month (US)

17. Oktoberfest Begins

21. International Day of Peace

21. World Gratitude Day

27. World Tourism Day

30. International Podcast Day


1. International Coffee Day

4. World Animal Day

6. World Smile Day

9. Columbus Day (US)

9. Thanksgiving (CA)

10. World Mental Health Day

31. Halloween


1. World Vegan Day

1. National Native American Heritage Day (all month)

2. Day of the Dead

11. Singles’ Day (China)

13. World Kindness Day

19. International Men’s Day

21. FIFA World Cup Begins

23. Thanksgiving Day (US)

24. Black Friday

27. Cyber Monday


7. Hanukkah Begins

11. Green Monday

14. National Free Shipping Day (US)

22. Winter Solstice

25. Christmas Day

26. Boxing Day (UK)

31. New Year’s Eve

This is a time for introspection, when you can evaluate 2022 and make it a starting point for a productive, successful year to come. The right set of circumstances is always just one insightful, strategized decision away so be sure to create your prosperous 2023.



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