eCommerce Holidays and Celebrations: 2021 Calendar

eCommerce and What the Future Holds

Before diving into the Digital Commerce Holidays Calendar for 2021, let’s take a look at a few interesting eCommerce statistics that you should know:

  1. Pick the holidays you want to target and set goals accordingly
  2. Always start your campaigns ahead of time
  3. Research new relevant trends and see what you can implement in your campaigns
  4. Get to know your targeted customers and their shopping behavior, and aim to exceed their expectations and needs
  5. Make personalization your best friend
  6. Spread the joy on all channels (social media, email, advertising, online communities, etc.)
  7. Decide what discounts are suitable for which holiday
  8. Make sure your customer support team is very well trained and prepared to deal with difficult customers and situations
  9. Choose a robust eCommerce platform that has the infrastructure to cater to busier times
  10. Make sure everything is working well with your analytics, so you can monitor your website’s performance, the traffic, purchase flows, etc.
  11. Have fun and reward yourself and your colleagues afterwards!

The Ultimate eCommerce Holidays Calendar for 2021

Here is the eCommerce Calendar for 2021! It should help any marketer stay on top of the holiday highlights of the upcoming year. Make sure to print it and pin it near your desk!

eCommerce Holidays Calendar for 2021



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