Customer Advocacy and How to Incorporate it in Your eCommerce Strategy

The Positive Effects of Customer Advocacy

Create An Inspiring Customer Advocacy Program

Have Clear Objectives

Understand Your Advocates

Ways to Gather Advocates

Personalize Using Advocate Personas

Create Content Using Customer Advocacy

Create Simple Processes

How to Measure the Success of Your Customer Advocacy Program

7 Tactics to Improve Your Advocacy Results

Tactic #1: Collect Data and Feedback

Tactic #2: Offer Incentives and Rewards to Your Customers

Tactic #3: Optimize Onboarding

Tactic #4: Improve Your Customer Service

Tactic #5: Offer a Customer Experience that They Won’t Forget

Tactic #6: Use Nurture Campaigns

Tactic #7: Thank Even the Detractors




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