Digital Products to Sell Online and How to Find the Best One for You

How do I find the best digital product to sell online?

Well, that depends on you, but we can give you some guidelines to consider so you are more likely to land on your winning answer. Since I know we’re all thinking it: digital solutions are one of the most profitable products to sell online. However, there are some overarching guidelines to think about when trying to get started.

Brainstorm and then brainstorm some more

Brainstorm some ideas of things that interest you. You may want to think in terms of your skills and then all the different ways you could make money from them. Remember that this is a brainstorming session, so anything that comes to mind should be written down.

Brainstorm ideas

Is it profitable and sellable

You can’t be the only one who would buy your product. You may think this sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people attempt to sell a product that solves their own desire, assuming that others will want it just as much.

Price point

That brings us to the price point. The more expensive an item is, the harder it will be to sell and the more thought it takes on the consumer’s side. The more your customer has to think about the purchase, the more you must spend on sales, marketing, and customer support.

Price point


Popularity relates back to sell-ability. It’s ideal if your product is in high demand. However, with popularity comes competition. As such, you may want to aim for a niche within that trend.

Google Trends

What digital products should I sell online?

Digital products have great margins because they are easy to distribute and can be replicated infinitely. They are certainly some of the most profitable products to sell online for these reasons. Getting rid of the complexity of moving physical pieces and managing stocks/inventory makes digital products simpler to take to market.


Are you an expert at something? Or even an aficionado? Have you seen personal success in finance? Did you make a dramatic life change? People want to know the tricks that worked for you.

Digital product — eBook


Software is an ever-growing industry that contributes $1.14 trillion to the United States’ GDP, is the largest software market in the world, and employs almost 3 million people.


Video production is at an all-time high right now. Content marketing is very popular as a means to gain customer trust and following, and videos are one of the easiest ways to catch people’s attention because they are usually far more engaging than text and highly effective.


Do you have an ear for sound? This skill could be a great moneymaker for you. There are lots of different audio formats that you could sell:

  • audio lectures
  • classes that teach a foreign language
  • reading books aloud to turn them into audiobooks
  • sound effects
  • background music
  • songs


If you have an eye for digital imagery, people need your services! Good, high-quality images are rare and heavily sought after — just look at Shutterstock, Unsplash, or Freepik. Images dominate websites, blogs, and marketing.


Documents of all sorts are a fantastic product to sell online — especially if their content needs to be frequently updated. For example, if you are knowledgeable in a certain industry, you may want to put out quarterly industry reports, using a subscription model to generate recurring revenue.


There are ample eLearning sites that host courses for a reason. They are HOT. If you consider yourself knowledgeable in a field, create a course! Your course could consist of audio, video, text, or a combination of them all to suit everyone’s learning styles.

What services should I sell online?

None of the digital products suiting your fancy? You can sell your professional services, too, without ever meeting your clients in person. Provide a fixed price or custom quote to sell your time.


That was a lot of ideas! The best products to sell online depends entirely on you and your interests, strengths, and skills. This being said, it’s important to seriously consider what is trending because you need to be able to sell it. If it is trending, however, the competition may also be stiff. So, make sure that you have a unique way of presenting yourself if you do enter a more competitive, trending market.



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