7 Tips for Effective Affiliate Recruitment

1. Have an optimized affiliate sign-up page on your website.

It is a common practice for merchants to focus so much on nurturing and managing affiliates that they forget to optimize their affiliate sign-up page.

2. Invest in PPC (Pay Per Click) recruitment campaigns.

Paid campaigns can boost your affiliate program and can help you efficiently find the right affiliates as the targeting options are very complex. Indeed, it’s a bit more costly than SEO or content initiatives, but the results appear faster, and with less effort.

3. Use segmentation to find your ideal affiliate profile.

Your existing affiliates are a great starting point for creating your affiliate profile. You can split them by category (coupon/discount sites, review/content, SEM affiliates, etc.), by geo-targeting (select the top 10 selling countries), or by performance (split them into tiers based on sales volumes).

4. Reach out to affiliates directly.

Perhaps the best way to make sure affiliates hear about your affiliate program is to contact them directly. In order to obtain a good response rate, keep the message concise, use a clear call to action, and include links to make things easier for the affiliate.

5. Join an affiliate network.

No doubt, affiliate networks are some of the best places to look for new affiliates. When joining an affiliate network, you get your products listed in its directory, which brings extra brand visibility and more chances of affiliates finding your listing or offer.

6. Attend industry conferences and trade shows

Trade shows and conferences like Affiliate Summit, Affiliate World Europe, DMIEXPO, and PI LIVE are great places to meet new affiliates as well as to rekindle your existing affiliate relationships.

7. Run contests and special campaigns for affiliates.

Contests are a great way to boost sales for existing affiliates; they can motivate dormant affiliates and also be of interest to new affiliates. New affiliates may be more attracted by raffles, as they offer everyone a fair chance to win. For a faster onboarding process and a quicker affiliate activation, you can condition the raffle entry with a required action (for example, have at least one sale during a certain period).



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