15 Review Directories for Listing Your Software & SaaS Products

How can online reviews help you grow your SaaS business?

It’s clear that reviews are extremely important, but how can they help you grow your SaaS and ultimately drive more sales and signups? We’re here to tell you.

  • They build brand and product awareness and increase your presence on the web, as customers generally look for certain software categories and competencies by simply searching for them in search engines. This inquiry will possibly drive them to a software review platform, and if you invest enough in your presence on software review sites, they will eventually end up on your review page and start considering your services.
  • They help you gain your prospects’ trust, by showing your potential customers how others are using your product, what benefits (and challenges) they encountered. Remember that it’s not enough to have one three- or four-star review after another; users tend to trust a brand even more when they feel like the reviews are honest and not forced.
  • They drive sales growth. As we mentioned earlier, when looking into purchasing products, customers’ decisions are highly influenced by other buyers’ reviews and feedback, as social proof is one of the most convincing salespeople.

1. G2

2. GetApp

3. Capterra

4. TrustRadius

5. Software Advice

6. PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)

7. FinancesOnline

8. Top Ten Reviews

9. SaaSGenius

10. PCMag Business Reviews

11. SoftwareSuggest

12. GoodFirms

13. AlternativeTo

14. Crozdesk

15. Business Software

Tips for Promoting Your Software on a Review Site

Now that we covered a bit what a B2B software review site is about, you might be thinking about getting some presence on one or more of these sites.

Check out the categories

Once you’ve made a shortlist of sites to target based on popularity and influence (you can use our list of 15 sites as a starting point), begin by checking the categories supported by each review site. Some sites will be more relevant than others to your business, based on the category criteria.

Check out the competition

Look where your competitors are listed, with what products, how many reviews they have, what ratings they’ve received, and what categories they’re in. The answers to these questions can help you focus your profile creation and review efforts more effectively.

Start with a free profile

Once you select the sites where you want to be listed, start by creating a free profile (all the sites should have this option). On review sites, prospects are often faced with information from dozens of your competitors, all claiming similar benefits and business outcomes, so your most important task here is to communicate a clear and unique value proposition. Use images, videos, add links to your site, and aim to provide as much information as the free profile allows.

Ask for reviews

Some reviews will come organically, but to truly support your value proposition, encourage your users to write more reviews. It’s okay to provide some guidance, but don’t ask users to copy and paste a template review. This will raise red flags among review site editors and prospective buyers alike. You’ll also be surprised by how much you can learn about your customers from authentic reviews. When you ask clients for a testimonial, they’ll most likely write a positive blurb or review, provided they’re happy with your services.

Discover who your satisfied customers are

Start conducting Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, as they not only help you figure out where your SaaS business is standing in terms of customer satisfaction and retention, they are also a valuable source for customer reviews. Once you find out who your happy customers are, start reaching out to them first and ask them for reviews. We all know how much positive reviews bring to your brand, as well as your sales.

Keep an eye on reviews

Monitor review sites regularly. If you get good reviews, great! Consider highlighting and quoting them in your marketing efforts. Just like a picture is worth a thousand words, one customer review is worth a thousand promotional brochures.

Get some leads

Besides getting you some credibility, these sites ultimately serve the purpose of generating leads, which is why premium profiles and add-ons are available. Keep in mind that it may not be efficient to gather leads from the start. First, you’ll need to take the time to gather some reviews, increase your visibility, and get some validation. Explore these paid options as a second step and, regardless of your strategy, always keep encouraging your clients to provide fresh, authentic reviews of your products.


If we were to draw a line, customer reviews are the ultimate promotional drive right now, with marketing activities and ads overly saturating the market. When considering any type of purchase, buyers are constantly looking for peer approvals and feedback. Therefore, it’s important, now more than ever, to invest your time in listing your Software and SaaS products on review websites in order to generate awareness and, ultimately, successfully boost your business’ growth.



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