11 Marketing Automation Tips for Your eCommerce Business

Tip #1: Send a welcome email

KissMetrics found that welcome emails increase sales 3x more than any other email you could send. In fact, welcome emails have one of the highest ROIs of all automated emails. To maximize your results, personalize your welcome emails.

Tip #2: Salvage abandoned carts

People have all different sorts of reasons for abandoning their carts (hint: it’s not always intentional!). They may abandon their carts because they decided to go with another online competitor (so sad, but that’s the reality of commerce!), but what if it was just because they got distracted or ran out of time before an appointment they had scheduled and then forgot to come back? Those people just need a little nudge!

Tip #3: Sell more

There’s nothing like making even more of a good thing. You already know they are interested in your products because of a previous purchase they made. Now you can prompt them with complementary products that will improve their experience, an upgraded version of the item they have, or a product that has additional features.

Tip #4: Send order confirmation emails

Order confirmation emails have a high open-rate — 70% — and such a high click-through rate — 17% — because people want the peace of mind that their order has indeed gone through. This is a huge opportunity to further develop your relationship with your client. It would be such a shame to miss out!

Tip #5: Segment your high-quality leads

While this can be costly, marketing automation gives you the opportunity to segment your leads which can generate far greater returns than a non-segmented list of contacts. In fact, over 70% of customers say they don’t like generic messages because they are so frequently irrelevant to them; as such, they will only engage with personalized offers. So why not give them what they want — personalized emails — to increase sales 10% or more and marketing budget ROI up to 400% (5–8x)?

Tip #6: Provide educational content

Providing free educational content shows that you are going the extra mile and that you care. That value can help people warm up to you and even like you when they aren’t quite ready to commit. You may want to direct your customers to your help section, to an upcoming webinar you are hosting, to an eBook, or to some blog posts.

Tip #7: Re-engage customers who have gone AWOL

You probably have thick skin and understand the reality that not all customers are forever. Someone may have inquired about your product never to be heard from again. Another may have been interested enough to subscribe to your email list, but then did not take any other action. And another may have purchased from you, but never returned.

Tip #8: Improve customer service

Great customer service is all about providing just the right amount of handholding at just the right moments. With a manual process, you risk sending an email at inappropriate times and, as a consequence, losing them somewhere in the middle of the buyer’s journey or onboarding process.

Tip #9: Provide helpful reminders

Any chance you have to provide relevant tips to your audience is an opportunity to be seized. Relevance is always the keyword. Is there an upcoming holiday that people relate to gift-giving? Mother’s Day? Father’s Day? Christmas?

Tip #10: Promote loyalty

It’s no secret that keeping current customers has much greater value than trying to acquire new ones. There are various ways you can promote loyalty, using marketing automation to ensure customers are retained and don’t fall by the wayside.

Tip #11: Send subscription reminders

There’s probably nothing worse than losing a customer to something preventable like not realizing their subscription was coming to an end. A timely automated email (or even a series of emails) can save the people who don’t want their subscription to end.


There are so many ways to use marketing automation to your advantage! If you’re already doing email marketing stepping it up to marketing automation should be your next consideration.



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